speakerAbout the Sino European Development Foundation

The Sino European Development Foundation is a non-political, non-profit association made up of internationally renowned experts and entrepreneurs in the political, economic, legal and diplomatic fields.

Our mission is to promote innovation and education to further the understanding among nations and to expand the cooperation between China and Europe, with a special focus on the Central and Eastern European regions.

The foundations goals are:

To further the friendship between European and Chinese people. To allow Europeans to learn to better understand Chinese culture and philosophy, and similarly to allow Chinese people to better understand the various European cultures and the European “way of thinking”.

The Sino European Development Foundation’s mission is especially focused on:

Expanding cultural exchange through events such as exhibitions and performances in order to raise the understanding of nations to a new level.

Providing a platform for education. This is achieved through a series of recurring events:

Organizing educational study trips and to allow Chinese delegations to visit and learn from Europe and vice versa.

Additionally through the recurring, narrowly focused events on relevant topics.

An additional core motivation is promoting prosperous development in both China and Europe. The Sino European Development Foundation puts special emphasis on promoting and supporting the further development of business relationships between Europe – with special focus on Central and Eastern Europe together with China. The Sino European Development Foundation and its events serve as a platform that facilitates inspiration by, providing decision makers with new ideas and opening doors to new opportunities. This platform also aims to support businesses desiring to enter or invest in the respective other market by providing networking and other opportunities.