On 10th of December, the ‘2016 Summit on Application of AI in Healthcare Investment Global Debut Launch of Sung AI Risk Control System Closed-door Forum’ was held in Beijing. SEDF participated as a supporting organization to this forum.

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The forum, sponsored by Sanggeishi Medical, a well-known research center of artificial intelligence in China, was attended by senior level executives from more than 100 large companies from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Honorary President of SEDF Mr. Josef Mayer and SEDF President Mr. Stephan Rauch addressed the Forum through a video message and introduced our 2017 Health Forum in Austria. The inaugural speech was delivered by Mr. Gang Fan, Vice President of the China Association for Economic Reform Research, Professor of Economics at Peking University. He has previously been ranked as one of the world’s top 100 experts by the American “Foreign Policy” Magazine.  Further speeches were delivered by the Vice president of the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, Mr. Qinggong Wu, the Secretary-General of Shenzhen Data Industry Association Mr. Chunlei Zhao.

In total the event featured delegations from more 100 Chinese publicly traded companies from the health industry, about 50 Chinese domestic academic research and association institutions, 100 top international investment bankers and 100 professional financial technology media.

The event was featured as headline news in the ‘RenMinRiBao’newspaper the following day.

SEDF has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Sanggeishi Medical.

SEDF participation AI Risk Control System

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