Activities & Projects

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Organic Food Study trip

Learning from the world leader in organic food production

Austria is by far the world leader of all countries in the world in terms of adoption (market share of organic vs. non-organic food sold) and in terms of production of organic food. 20% of the entire food production of Austria is certified organic. With a the highest per-capita annual spend on organic products per person no other nation spends as much on organic food products. This high rate of adoption has created a vast organic food industry, so that even a small neighborhood supermarket in Austria sells a selection of a multitude of different high-quality organic food products.

Lessons to be learned during this investigation:

  • How the Austrian regulatory body has created an environment for the mainstream success of organic foods and how this can be replicated
  • How to best market high quality and / or organic food products and ensure mass market adoption
  • How to improve production efficiency in small scale and large scale production environments
  • Case studies for small, medium and large production environmentsgoat
  • Optimize production processes
  • Receive new product ideas
  • Specific details can be obtained by contacting the Sino European Development Foundation.     

China- Austria -East Europe Health & Aged Industry Investment and Cooperation  Forum

The Forum for the investment and cooperation of  the health & retiremend industry in Chinese and Austria, Eastern Europe will be held again in mid 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

To be invited to China in the health, pension, pharmaceutical and medical device industry in each of the 10-15 companies exhibitors while will hold a Health Industry Cooperation Conference and Banquet.

In addition to participating enterprises, the participants will also be invited to the business leaders of the two countries in the industry, the relevant government officials or experts, investors and other participants

 2019 Charity and public welfare projects to be announced soon