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SEDF has been asked to participate in the ‘2016 Multinational Entrepreneurship Competition’. This is a large, already well-organized, well-financed and also ambitious project launched by our partner Pegasus Brigade (www.feimalv.com), which is one of the most influential and largest VC firms in China.

On 27th of September, the launch event was held in Shanghai in the form of a giant, marathon online conference call. More than 30 media outlets and 400 project partners from all over the world joined the online event. SEDF Secretary General Ms. Yang Lanqi joined on behalf of the foundation and was invited to talk about the unique aspects of the Austrian startup scene (which Forbes called “one of the seven European startup hotspots to watch” and TechCrunch called “the up-and-coming early-stage investment capital of Europe”). After the ceremony, the Pegasus brigade public and released a number of wonderful keynote speeches delivered during the launch on their official WeChat Channel.

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